If you can see clearly, nothing is wrong. Right?

Every 65 minutes an Australian loses part or all of their vision and a staggering 42% of people wait until their eyes deteriorate before having their vision and eye health examined.

While many of us recognise the need for preventative dental and general health checkups, we're generally less aware of the importance of regular preventative eye examinations.

It's human nature to leave seeing an Optometrist until you notice your vision deteriorating. The truth is, many of the most  serious eye diseases develop gradually, often without noticeable signs in their early stages. In a recent Australian study, over 50% of participants found to have an eye condition did not know they had one prior to taking part.

The best safeguard against preventable vision loss is a regular comprehensive eye examination. Whether you notice a change in your vision or not - the fact is you need an expert Optometrist to see the real picture.

Keep sight of what's important and ensure your whole family have an eye examination at least every 2 years and every 12 months over 65.