Eyesight Testing

The purpose of an eye test is to improve and preserve visual performance. Everything from simple visual acuity tests on an eye chart, to Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans, are available to us for the purpose of improving or maintaining your eyesight.

Why have an eye examination?

Changes in eye health can be gradual and not have obvious symptoms, so they can often go unnoticed. Due to this it is recommended that eye tests be undertaken every 12 months for people over 65 years of age and every 18 months for everyone else.  Eye health and conditions that affect vision can be detected, diagnosed and treated. Furthermore, general health conditions that are first detected via an eye exam can be identified, referrals to eye surgeons (ophthalmologists) can be made and often post-eye-surgery health can be better managed.

What is in an eye exam?

During an eye test at Sankey Fraser Eyecare, all parts of your vision and eye health are assessed. A full examination includes:

  •         A case history – including family history, general health and past ocular history.
  •         Internal eye examination
  •         External eye examination
  •         A test of how clearly you see and what refractive error your eyes are.
  •         How well your eyes coordinate and move

Advanced Eye Tests

Advanced eye tests may be used at Sankey Fraser Eyecare during a routine eye exam to give your optometrist a more in depth look at your eye health. These tests are often used in the early detection and treatment of eye disease.

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